Treatment Plants in Northamptonshire and the Surrounding Counties

Questions & Answers

Q. What cannot be put in your waste system?
A. Motor oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, paint, thinners, creosote etc., fungicides, insecticides, weed killer & any garden chemicals, photographic printing inks & developing fluids etc., homemade beer & wine waste, medicines, sanitary products, wipes, nappies, rags etc. (It is not recommended as can cause blockages in the drains and make routine de-sludging more difficult).

Q. What could be the problem if there is a smell coming from the tank, inspection covers & drains?
A. This is normally caused by a build up of waste in the system, meaning the tank needs emptying or there is a blockage in the drains. This invariably means the tank will need to be emptied for the drains to be cleared and washed through.

Q. Who is responsible for emptying the septic tank?
A. The owner or occupier of the property is responsible. If the tank services more than one property normally it is a shared responsibility.

Q. I am in the process of purchasing a property with a septic tank/treatment plant - what questions should I ask?
A. Ascertain the system has been regularly services and emptied. It is advisable to ask your surveyor to confirm that there are no problems with the system.

Q. How often should my system be emptied?
A. An average property with 2 adults & 2 children should be emptied every 12 months, more frequently with additional numbers. (This will depend on your system)

Q. How do I contact you when I require your services & and how quickly can you attend?
A. Call the Office on 01327 317246 or email us today via our contact page.
Office Number is monitored 24/7
In an emergency we will make every effort to be with you in less than 24 hours
Non emergencies - usually at your convenience within a week.

Q. Am I required to be present when you empty my tank?
A. As long as we can gain access we can operate alone. We will leave you a note confirming the time we came and any issues and when next due. However, new customers and emergencies, we would like to meet you and discuss any problems and familiarise you with your system.

Q. How do I pay you?
A. Either by Cheque, Card or direct into the bank by Internet Banking. Details are provided when you receive your invoice.

Q. When you have emptied my tank where do you take it?
A. Your waste will form part of a load on our lorry. It will be disposed of at any registered waste treatment plant.